18 lip 2018

Two wedding cards by Evgenia

Hello dear friends, Evgenia Petzer with you. I have prepared two wedding cards for you today. They both are for the wedding theme and use Mintay Papers and lovely Scrapiniec chipboard.
I have used lots of fussy cutting, some flowers, lace here.
some close ups:

 flowers give the nice dimension:

 And the second card:
close ups for the second card:

the chipboards that I have used for both cards are:

Alamor - Borders 03 - Bordery 03

Steampunk - Flying hearts - set of wings - zestaw skrzydeł

Water plants - Cattail square frame - Pałka wodna ramka kwadrat

Have a good day, 

Follow Your Heart Altered Sailboat by Adrijana

Hello Scrapiniec fans. Again ... Adrijana here from Paper Beauty AK with another summer project. As you already know that I like summertime and when I'm sitting by the sea, I always wonder: where all these ships are sailing, all these boats...big and small? Are they going to the north, south, east or maybe to the west? And when we lose a compass in our life, will we follow the heart? But this decision is in your hands. You're the sailor of your life.
I using:

Have a nice day!

17 lip 2018

Wedding Cards by Padoriaa

Hejka. Dziś przygotowałam dla Was delikatne, pastelowe karteczki ślubne. Sezon w pełni. 
Mam nadzieję, że moja dzisiejsza propozycja przypadnie Wam do gustu. 
Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Paulina

Hi lovely!

Hello lovelies!

I'm so happy to share today's card,because I really love it and I had a great time playing with the Scrapiniec chipboards. I left them blank, without adding any color or texture,because I used pattern paper and some colors to my stamped image and it was pretty colorful and busy already.

I just love how beautiful and well made these chopboards are. I often don't want to use them all,because they are so cute! But over at Scrapiniec you can find so many beautiful and unique designs .

For today's card I used, 4683 - Mamma's Porch -Windows - Ganek Mamusi - Okna. Great chipboards for a nice home feel and it looks really well with my stamped bear. Let's pretend for a moment that is his little home.
I love cardmaking as you probably know by now, but I also like to create different things. I think for the next time I should do something different, don't you think? Maybe an album or a layout? I will get back to you with my new creation very soon. So, keep an eye on this blog for more inspiration from our great team.

Thanks for stopping by!

16 lip 2018

Love S.O.S. Altered Sea Bottles by Adrijana

Hello dear Scrapiniec friends...
Adrijana here from Paper Beauty AK. I hope you enjoying the warm summer days. Do you still remember the childhood summer romance at sea? And all the butterflies in the belly, glowing eyes and red cheeks? And how we "talked" with our hands, because we were from different countries? Or we painted a hearts in the sand ... many hearts. Yes? It was fun, wasn't it? And here's a blue blog post using two different collections: Focus and Brush Art,  for all summer lost romance ... but never forgotten. 

I used:

See you soon!