8 kwi 2014

A few ways to color your chipboards

There are many ways to use Scrapiniecs amazing chipboards.
I will show you some tips how to color them.

On this swirly corner I have used brown chalk.
I color some chipboads alot and some a little more less.
That compends on what I will use them for.

Here can you see my colored corners.
It´s an easy and fast way to color them.

I want the chickens to get a little bit more yellow/beige look,
so I´ve used some Distress Color for that.

At the eggshell I´ve used white Crackle Paint.
The beaks are colored with an orange Distress marker.

Here can you see the finished chickens and eggs.
I really love crackle paint, it makes a very nice touch.

^ Close up

And, here is the complete card.

Hugs Milo

2 komentarze:

  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Love everything you do!

  2. I love when the chipboards are colored! And this is a wonderful lesson, thank You, Milo :)