29 kwi 2014

Thank you and welcome

Today we would like to say thank you to Anita for her great projects :
Anita thank you very much, we wish you all the best!


welcome - Olga in our Dt team:

Hello! My name is Olga Vasilieva, I'm a scrapbooker from Russia. I've been scrapping for 4 years and can't stop))
I'm a mother of two wonderful creatures and most of my projects are devoted to them. I'm happy that I can scrap just for pleasure and just because I love this amazing hobby. Now I'm a designer in several international DTs and in several manufacturers' blogs and I'm really proud of it as for me this is the most valuable judgment of what I'm doing.
I love different styles and the output very often depends on my mood or state of mind)) And of course I'm always inspired by the materials which I regularly receive from the manufacturers - so it can be clean&simple project or a shabby one, vintage or freestyle... I love to try something new and the Companies I design for always provide me with this opportunity.
But of course scrap is just my hobby and I spend my free time for this only. I try and devote most of my time to my lovely sons, relatives and friends.
Besides I'm a crazy housekeeper - I love cooking and cleaning my flat. I also go to the office every day... And I'll appreciate pretty much if anybody tells me where I can get more time to be able to do everything I'd love to )).  

Good luck Olga!

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