21 cze 2014

A vintage album

Hello all!

I couldn't wait the day when I can share with you my new album! Now I rarely make albums as they require much time and I don't really have it now.... But when I received the box with gorgeous products from Scrapiniec the idea to create a cute album came to my head at once!!))

This is a vintage album and can be used for black and white every day photos or it may also look nice with old photos of parents or even grandparents.

And some details:


These are the products I used:

Наш день 02 [nasz dzień] с завитками

Zestaw zegary - Park Avenue clock mix

Bordery ornamentowe 05 - Park Avenue ornamental borders 05

Latarenka mix zestaw - Park Avenue lantern mix

Latarenka 0203 zestaw - Park Avenue lantern 0203 set

Have a nice day!!

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