18 sty 2015

Simpe TAG


Zoey's here with a quick tag for you!

The base is made of recycled cardboard and I colored the background using Design Memory Craft Gelatos. I only used 3 Gelatos : Blueberry, Lemon and Red Cherry.
I applied the color on a plastic color wheel and just mixed the color together to achieve different color of the color wheel.

After coloring the background I added some stamps and some texture with the Whipped Spakle.
Then to decorate the Tag I used the small branch from the Apple-tree branch II set and these beautiful words from Każdy dzień to nowa szansa which in English mean : "Every day is a new chance". I cut it in two pieces to fit into my tag.

I loved the message and i thought it was a good fit.
Hope you like! Have a great day!

Products used:
Apple-tree branch II
Każdy dzień to nowa szansa 

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