20 kwi 2015

My craft corner

It's Victoria, today I want to show you the place where I work and create. It is rather small but I have almost everything I need. Also I would love to make my craft corner look more beautiful and stylish, but we rent this flat, so I can not change much and have to use the furniture (old one, eh) that the owner has in here. Sometimes you deal with what you have :) And as far as we move from one place to another rather often, I try not to keep too much supplies (or we will need a whole truck for scrapbooking stuff) and use very budget ways of storage...
Also the room is on the sunny side, so taking photos is rather tricky.
 On the table I keep the most used supplies like sprays, mediums, pastes, stamps and inks. And some tools (scissors, pencils, pens, ruler etc). Also here I keep few of my favourite projects, laptop, camera.
I like this box, because it fits perfectly for my stamps and ink pads :) But actually I don`t drink. It`s just a recycling, you know.

 I keep all of my stencils in simple plastic files (two stencils in one pocket and a sheet of paper between them). It is a very handy way of storage: I can see and chose the design and stencils won`t be damaged by each other (the intricate designs are so easy to break).
In the drawers I keep my embossing powders, heat tool, pearl pigments, glitters, flower soft etc. And some supplies which I use not so often.
 The other drawer is filled with graphic tablet, glue gun, tripod, some chargers.
On the window-sill there is my favourite paper trimmer, planner and notepad, few new projects and gifts from crafty friends.
The papers and scraps I store on the shelving.
 Also here I keep some metal embellishments, buttons, resins, flowers and other small things.
 And that is the place for chipboards, punches and some other necessary things like binders, needles and threads.

Thank you for visiting!

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