25 maj 2015

Nasze tricki na tekturki cz.3 {Our tricks and tips with chipboards part.3}

Dzisiaj przedstawimy Wam ostatnią część  sposobów kolorowania tekturek przez nasze utalentowane projektantki.

"I like to color my chipboards with copic markers, inks, embossing powder, watercolor and eer penils. I have colored this frame with markers and covered it with Glossy."

 "I used many chipboards here and coloured them in a few ways.
The garland is painted with blue and turquoise sprays with a brush and embossed with clear glitter powder.
The edges of the banner are coloured with a blue spray, word "sweet" and stars are silver-embossed.
Also I used mint embossing powder on the baby carriage.
And the bear is covered with some white flocking powder."


"Chipbord for this card at first I painted the ink of different colors, and then in some places added gold embossing powder."

"This mini-album is made of incredibly beautiful chipbord Scrapiniec. It is completely painted distress inks, embossing powder and stamps."

"I like raw, white chipboards. They are so elegant and delicate. "
Mamy nadzieję, że pomysły naszych projektantek przydadzą się i Wam.
DT Scrapińca

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