25 cze 2015

Wedding box and "How to decorate chipbord"

Hello, friends!
Natalya is here. Today I would like to share with you a wedding exploding box

To decorate this box I used a lot of chipboards Scrapiniec and now want to tell you how you can decorate them.

First of all chipbord can be colored, such as acrylic paint

Before the paint is dry you can sprinkle glitter

Or you can cover the clean chipboard glossy or other accent, and then sprinkle with glitter

It will look a little different

It can be toned ink, and then cover the accent, for example, glossy. It looks nice!

and add microbeads

Very interesting looks chipboard decorated using embossing powders. Depending on the type of powder, the result is a very diverse

I used white and silver embossing powders

Сhipboards can be painted sprays of different colors. 

Or leave it that what it was, because chipboard Scrapiniec itself looks amazing!


Have a wonderful day!

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