4 lip 2015

Paperbag card with Fold up piece

Today I want to show you an easy way to make a paperbag card with a fold up piece in front. I use a A4 paper as base for the card, and decorate with patterned paper afterwards.  I score the paper as shown underneath. The only cut necessary, is a cut to adjust the length of the finished paper bag. I wanted the card to be 6 inch long, therefor I cut the paper 10" long. 

I use a die to make the shape for the flip up piece. I cut patterned paper to shape, remember to cut oe part each of the papers direction, since the outside of the flip and the inside of the flip will be upside down for each other. 

To assemble the bag, fold the three flips with straight edges backwords and glue together. Remember not to get glue on the middle part, only on the flips itselves.

Since the card is made as a paper bag card, there is room for a tag that is pulled up from behind the front. I have decorated the tag lightly, with only a small strip of pattern paper and some hug snug. The card is decorated with gorgeous chipboard. I have painted the chipboard white using a dabber.

Chipboards used (Click on the photo to be taken directly to the webshop)

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