14 cze 2016

Card "For my lovely friend" and tutorial

Hello, friends!
Today I want to show a card "For my lovely friend", and tutorial step by step on it. Card is light, airy and bright with wonderful chipboard "Scrapiniec", and stamps that are made using chipboard and foam stamps.
Here's a card we'll get..
Take the basis for cards and paper scrapbooking for a suitable design.
With foam Stamp embossing heat tool  and chipboard will make an impression.
Make the imprint by heating the foam and pressing to chipbord
Figure chipbord will be transferred to the foam. Beautiful!
Do embossing with clear embossing pads.
Powder to sprinkle embossing napkin
The result of baking powder for embossing
Will do another stamp using chipboard background
The distress ink will do stamping on paper

Chipboard mannequin coloring with acrylic paints several shades
Will do on the mannequin, embossing in the manner shown previously and decorate it with lace and chains
Cut out of paper one more thing and tape the paper to the chipboard border
On the reverse side of the paper tape thread
Add filigree and cloth strap
Top position the lace on the sides - sheer
Add a lace top and tape the napkin
Place on a card to our mannequin and the words of chipbord
Complete composition flowers and chipboards heart

In my card I used these:

Doily Lace - Lace borders set - Zestaw borderów

11 komentarzy:

  1. Оксана, потрясающая открыточка! Спасибо за МК))

    1. Аллочка, большое спасибо!!! Так приятно!

  2. Wow! I didn't even know such foam existed :)

    1. Me neither Gizmo ! thank you Absurdistka for such a nice tutorial! :*

  3. C'est vraiment magnifique ! J'adore !

  4. C'est vraiment magnifique ! J'adore !

  5. Hey, co to za pianka, gdzie można ją kupić?

  6. Hey, co to za pianka, gdzie można ją kupić?