19 lip 2016

Black art journaling by Eirini Tsaima.

Good evening my friends!!!
Do you like art journaling??It's something i started some months ago and i have to addmit it's my new passion!!!Totally in love with this kind of art!!Some people.found it difficult and black needs some extra work to be bright and shinny, but with the special techniques,i think the result is superb!!
What i did was to add some white gesso,glueing down my Scrapiniec chipboards,sea shell and 7Dots paper elements and stickers and finally mist...Lindy's and Prima...The results is really shiny!!Over the  sea shells  and stars i used some silver acrylic paint by 13arts and i believe it brighten up my whole page!!

Some close ups...

That Doily lace collection, is my favourite!!! Wanted to add some wavy feeling...And can you see that tiny gate under my sea shells?Reminds of a hidden treasure under the sea, damaged by the salt... And my cage too...Among shells and sea stars, blended up together with a messy ,mixed up party of gesso and watercolours....

Thank you for your time...Love Eirini

Scrapiniec products used.....

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