9 lip 2016

Shadow Box boat by Oksana Absurdistika

Hello, dear friends!
Summer is in full swing, almost to the equator! This means you have a lot of pleasant impressions from the warm days! And today I want to share with you the work on the marine theme.
This time I have an art-object boat, shadow box and at the same time a place to put photos.

Lantern I'm a little cut and get such a delicate item, surround the lantern
Here is a homemade hammock on which pillow and the book - is my dream so to spend summer vacation!
Photo attached with clothespins and can always be replaced by other photos
The inscription creates the mood of the day!

If you take photos with clothespins, we see here that

I love this chipboard bottles! They are so romantic!! Absolutely stunning and charismatic octopus!

All the elements should be removed
 Here are some great fish hiding behind the door
And this shelf

The lantern should light up and it glows!

The materials used:

10 komentarzy:

  1. AMAZING!!! I love every detail. You create bueautiful marine vibe :)

  2. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.

    1. Ooops..

      Gorgeous shadow-box, a real marine fairy-tale!

    2. Мария, спасибо большое!!

  3. Zakochałam się! Wyszło fantastycznie.❤

  4. Zakochałam się! Wyszło fantastycznie.❤

  5. OMG fantastyczne to za mało. !!!

    1. Very nice to read your words! Thank you very much!!