2 sie 2016

Travel Book by Oksana Absurdistika

Good evening friends! 
How is your mood? It's still summer? I have a very very summer))  We have a hot! And I'm getting ready to leave. So for your inspiration I made Travel Book.
Travel Book closes with magnetic clasp
Balloon hidden in the frame and protected by a transparent plastic
Here you can place the pen

Left pocket for attachments
On the turns, you can record the names of locations visited by the traveler

 Funny crab from Scrapiniec

Chipboard camera - indispensable in work on the theme of travel
This roomy envelope for photos with the sea

The fish is adorable, isn't it?

 Set for diving

I hope I managed to inspire you with a piece of heat Aug!

The materials used:

Latający balon z siatką

Underwater - podwodna rafa koralowa

10 komentarzy:

  1. Оксана!! Потрясающий!!!! Обложка вообще круть крутецкая!!! Браво!!!

    1. Олечка, дорогая моя!!! Спасибо тебе!!! Невероятно приятно от тебя эти слова услышать!!

  2. It's gorgeous! Love the amazing details!