14 paź 2016

Witamy kolejną projektantkę gościnną- Nirvanę

Hi Everybody

I am Nirvana, I live in the South of France!
I am attracted by the manual activities, a passion passed on(transmitted) by my dad who is a painter!!! In nursery school already, everybody said that I shall make the School of Fine Arts, but I always wanted that that remains a passion it is made since November, 2007!!
and first project:


Today I present you my 1st creation for Scrapiniec,
I made a magnetized plate, with the sublime chipboard "The Power Of Love"!!!!

I used as material:
-Heavy Gesso black - Prima
-Metal Embellishments
-Art Alchemy, Metallique paints "Royal Red", "Silver Spoon" and "Steampunck Cooper" (Prima)
-Izink - Acrylic Pigment Ink - "Jasmine"
-Art stones - Prima
-Micro Beads "Bronze" - Prima

3 komentarze:

  1. Nirvana as always I LOVE your art !!! This project of today is fabulous and impressing. I adore your steampunk projects the most. You are so clever to combine a lot of different elements and in the end your piece of art really looks gorgeous and harmonic. Not like a big mess but really interesting with all the wonderful details.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely art
    Hugs from Monica.... Spain

  2. Thank You for joining us, Nirvana! I Love Your artwork!