21 sty 2017

Nasz nowy Design Team

Z radością informuję o składzie naszego nowego DT, które będzie inspirowało Was od marca:
Hello,my name is Olya Kravets and I'm very happy to be in such a great team!
I love scrapbooking all my heart, and mixed media is my passion! It can reveal itself, to show emotion and to be an artist. Love the dynamics and development cannot stand still. Every day I want to do a little more than in the previous. I am sociable and open person and always glad to new acquaintances! I know about scrapbooking for 5 years, but I've dedicated my life to him only a year ago! I love to create different styles, but most of all love mixed media and floral, delicate work.I love chipboards and in each work I use it. So to be here I am particularly pleased!
I wish all the inspiration and good mood and will soon be a lot of beauty!
' A man without dreams is a sad man... '
Hello, my name is Aga baraniak and I am 34 years old girl that is mad about mixed media. When i started my adventure with scrapbooking two years ago, I didn't know that love from the first sight would be so true, forever. I like it so much that I could even sleep with my paintbrushes, gesso and paints! If someone would make me finish scrapbooking I would become the saddest girl in the world. As a rather impatient person, I always turn all the ideas, that I get, into action. When I don't spend my time doing my favourite hobby, I cycle, make up creative evenings, spend time with my friends and drink coffee. Below scrapbooking, is my beloved family.
' The life becomes beautifull when You live it beautifully, and when You fulfill Your dreams. '

 I am Rajni Chawla, a passionate crafter and run a website named Timeless Creations (
I live in New Delhi (India) with my four kids - a daughter, a son and two cute little labradors. About 6 years back, I started off in the field of card-making as a newbie. And now, thousands of projects later, I can proudly say that I start each of my creations with the same enthusiasm as I started my first one with. I eat, sleep and breath everything that has to do with crafting. My love for ART simply grows with each project that I make. Flowers and birdies are my weakness. Vibrant and bright colors are my style. But that said, I enjoying experimenting and love to make mistakes (I call them happy accidents) so that I create something new. 
Past one year I igot introduction to Mix Media also and I am fully enjoying exploring  the same. I love working with chippies and use a lots of them in my Mix Media projects. Chippies by Scrapienic are something that I die for. I will be honoured if I get associated with your company and get a chance to work with such talanted design team! I've always looked up to for the inspiration. Hoping to learn more along with the process. One last thing that I want to add is that besides  a designer, I'm a craft instructor too. and conduct workshops all across India.
My name is Virág Réti and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I work as a marketing manager on weekdays, but my passion is scrapbooking. This is not just a craft activity for me, it is my real holiday and time for relaxation. My scraproom is a calm island in this busy world. I started scrapbooking 5 years ago, but last year when I met mixed media scrapbooking techniques in an American YouTube video I felt that I found my line, the technique what I was looking for. My style is a little vintage and grunge, sometimes romantic and shabby, but I cannot define exactly. I am able to reform day by day. My favourite products are chipboards, beautiful papers, paints, mists, nowdays flowers, tags. I am able to prepare layouts, art journals, altered art, cards, albums in different styles, it depends on my mood, the embellishments and the papers I use. I am coffee lover. I love to sing out loud, but my voice is horrible. And I know, I am a bit crazy, because normal is boring for me. :)
Padoriaa was created out of my passion for the unconventional. I'm an individualist following her own path...sometimes twisting, always unique :-) I'm a pastTaekwondo fighter, nail artist, stained glass worker...currently a waitress and scrapper. I'm a 100% involved in each project. I like to be around people who support me and motivate to harder work! "Do what you love, love what you do" - that's my motto :-) I make my dreams come true step by step :-)"
I'm Bea, living in Budapest, capital city of Hungary. 
I met with scrapbooking after a year of my little daughter's birth, in 2014. Now she is 4 years old and she always wants to help me in scrapbooking. :) 
I found my style in mixed media. I really enjoy it: the process of creating, including the mess and dirty, painty hands. I usually create in romantic style, but nowdays I try to open for other styles too. My favorites are layouts, but I love making albums too.

My name´s Denisa Gryczova. I come from The Czech Republic. I´ve been working as a primary teacher. I´ve been into mixed media for three years. It has become my life passion. Nothing compares to making my hands dirty. I tend to do art journaling most. I also love to create tags, cards, atc´s. In fact, any project is worth playing for me. When I don´t create I love to spend time with my precious family hiking in the mountains or cycling.

Mam na imię Magda, w wirtualnym świecie: mamajudo.
Scrapbooking szeroko pojęty poznałam w 2008 roku.
Od tej pory robię głównie kartki, ale zdarzają się również albumy, pudełka eksplodujące i inny rzeczy.
Lubię przeszycia, kwiaty i jasne kolory.
Pracuję w mojej szafie od rana do nocy i jest to najfantastyczniejsza przygoda, jaka mnie do tej pory spotkała.

My name is Aleksandra. I live with my loving husband and my three wonderful children in a small, beautiful European country Slovenia. I'm 35 years old and have been more actively crafting for the last 8 years. My art is one of the major parts of my life and has turned from my hobby into my job that I love. I can not imagine my day withouth crafting. I love papers, mixed media supplies, flowers and of course chipboards. I am color enthusiast. I love striking and bold color combinations as well as soft palettes on the other side. My greatest passion is making constructed 3d projects, mixed media altered art, exploding boxes with miniature "worlds" inside. But I also love to relax with art journals, tags, cards and occasionally layouts. I most often search and find my inspiration in nature and everyday life. Sometimes overflow of my ideas keeps me awake at night. :) I'm thrilled and honoured to be joining Scrapiniec design team for the following year and I can't wait for the journey to begin. I hope you can find some inspiration in my work.

My name is Daria. I am 28 years old and i live in Russia.
I am married and I have a son 6 years old.  I do not work temporarily. Currently I engaged in child and favorite hobby. 
I started doing scrapbooking projects in 2011 further to the birth of my son, I do principally layouts, canvases and sometime cards.
My style is mostly mixed media but I like paper projects full of flowers and details very much. 
I enjoy the creative process as much as the finished project because scrapbooking is my rest from household chores.
I am very happy to do projects for Scrapiniec.

Koordynator, Asia

 Więcej szczegółów wkrótce :)
Pozdrawiamy :)

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  1. Как приятно видеть знакомые лица девочек из России))

  2. Congratulations to the new DT! Can't wait to see what you create... some names and faces I already know and admire, others will be a surprise.