30 gru 2017

Christmas Scrapiniec Workshop in Slovenia

Hi dear Scrapiniec friends. It's Aleksandra from Papermade fairytale with you today. Today I'm sharing a bit different blog post with you. In December I was hosting with Scrapiniec and our local shop Darilnica Klavdija my last mini workshop for this year, where we learned how to embellish gorgeous Scrapiniec Royal hut into Magical Winter house. It was fun and participants loved it, but it wouldn't be possible withouth our dear amazing Boss Dominika. Today I'd like to share with you some photos that captured the atmosphere of the evening with my amazing students!

So thankfull to all that helped me to make it happen and to my amazing students who keep returning to my workshops! You are such a sunshines in my life. 

I wish to all of you amazing Holidays and incredible New Year, year to come! Hope we will still be hanging out a lot!

Hugs, Aleksandra

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