19 sty 2018

Lea Biccelli - Guest Designer

First of all, a creative 2018 to all.
Like every year, the first days of January is the period when I can give myself a short trip together with some friends. This year the destination was Venice and I decided it would be fun to prepare a travel journal to stop the memories of this short vacation. My programs have undergone changes as I caught the flu, but as soon as possible I will enrich the album of the photos I managed to do.

1.I use 8 paper bags to create 4 double pages:in each bag i cut a strip from the open side to make it a little smaller.
2.3. To create the 4 double pages I cut 4 strips from the package paper and folded them in half.
4. For each bag, in one of the two sides where the paper is folded, I applied the double-sided tape.

5.6. I inserted each strip of package paper one half between the two flaps of a bag and the oher half between the flaps of another bag, so as to form a double page. And do I did for all the other pages.
7. For the cover, I take two pieces of fabric. In this case I use some denim.
8. I glued the two layers, wrong side to back, with gloss heavy gel medium.

9. once dry, I cut the cover slightly larger than the double page, open, of course.
10. Then I marked three points in the folding of the double page, one in the middle and the other two at 7 cm from the center. I then simply made  holes with the tip of the scissors through the pages and the cover to easily bind my album.

11. 12.To bind, in a very simple way, I used a long weaving needle. Leaving the thread a little long to facilitate the binding at the end,I insert the needle from the inside of the album, through the pages and the cover.
13.The needle, out of the central hole, must be passed through one of the two lateral free holes. Then you go through the cover and pages.Now the needle is back inside the album.
14. At this point the needle passes through the last free hole, through the pages and the cover.

15. Last step, the needle has come out from the side hole and to end it must be inserted in the central one passing then through the cover and the pages.
16.17.18. With the thread well pulled and in the middle of the two garments (beginning and end), we make a tight knot to ensure a perfect binding. Cut the excess.

19.20.The album is perfectly bound and firm on the cover. With all the pages ready to be decorated.

chipboards I used:


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