17 lip 2018

Hi lovely!

Hello lovelies!

I'm so happy to share today's card,because I really love it and I had a great time playing with the Scrapiniec chipboards. I left them blank, without adding any color or texture,because I used pattern paper and some colors to my stamped image and it was pretty colorful and busy already.

I just love how beautiful and well made these chopboards are. I often don't want to use them all,because they are so cute! But over at Scrapiniec you can find so many beautiful and unique designs .

For today's card I used, 4683 - Mamma's Porch -Windows - Ganek Mamusi - Okna. Great chipboards for a nice home feel and it looks really well with my stamped bear. Let's pretend for a moment that is his little home.
I love cardmaking as you probably know by now, but I also like to create different things. I think for the next time I should do something different, don't you think? Maybe an album or a layout? I will get back to you with my new creation very soon. So, keep an eye on this blog for more inspiration from our great team.

Thanks for stopping by!

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