16 gru 2014

Winter inspiration by Galachko

Hi every one!
Are you preparing for Christmas?) I start making cards for my friends and today I'm going to show you a few of them.

New winter chipboard collection is absolutely beautiful! My favorite is 2-layered chipboard, also I like to adding glitter on the back side of chipboard.

And look at this tiny cristmas presents! They are so cute :)

 2-warstwowy dzwonek - Idea d'oro - 2-layers bell                      Brush art elements - gifts

And the are a lot of winter phrases in new relise, the are perfect fo cards.

 Brush art script - Merry x3                                                   Śnieżki - Idea d'oro - Snowflakes
 And ofcours greeting card with cristmas tree :)

          Brush art elements - gifts                                                2-warstwowa duża choinka - Idea
                                                                                               d'oro - 2-layers big christmas tree

 Also I have made a toppers for my cookies bags. I used 1-layered bell with glitter on his backside.

Dzwonki - Idea d'oro - Bells

Have a good day!

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