7 gru 2015

Nowe Projektantki Gościnne na kwartał Grudzień- Luty

Wraz z nowym DT Scrapiniec zaprosił do współpracy także nowe Gościnne projektantki. Każdą z nich będziemy gościć przez kwartał. Nie powiemy Wam od razu, kogo wybraliśmy :).
Bardzo dziękujemy projektantkom trzeciego kwartałuVicky i Nadiyi.
  Thank you very much first quarter  Guest designers Vicky and Nadiya.

Dzisiaj poznacie kolejne dwie.

With the new DT Scrapiniec also invited the new Guest Designers. Each of them will host a quarter. We will not tell you straight away, who we have chosen :).

Today you will know the another two:

Irina Angold:
My name is Irina Angold. I am 28, I am a happy wife and mother. Scrapbooking takes great importance in my life. This is not a hobby, a favorite work. I constantly travel to different cities of Russia and spend the classes. Now I do not have a favorite style or direction, it all depends on my mood. The main work to be comfortable, with soul. What can I say about myself? I love flowers. Very much I love flowers! And in life and in my work :) And just recently my husband and I to fulfill a dream and moved to live in another city. So now I have a period of new emotions and impressions.

Ekaterina Antipova:
My name is Ekateina Antipova. I live in Moscow, Russia. I am a happily married mum of two sons and one little princess. 
I started scrapbooking in 2012. I like to experiment with new supplies and techniques. I have a publication in russian scrapbooking magazines and I have been a designer for several challenge blogs and on-line shops. I am glad to create with Scrapiniec.

A już w piątek zobaczycie prace naszych GD.

 Check our blog Friday, to see beautiful works of GD.


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